numina.visualization — Data visualization

Visualization utilities.

class numina.visualization.ZScaleInterval(contrast=0.25)

Compute z1 and z2 cuts in a similar way to Iraf.

If the total number of pixels is less than 10, the function simply returns the minimum and the maximum values.

  • contrast (float, optional) – The scaling factor (between 0 and 1) for determining the minimum and maximum value. Larger values increase the difference between the minimum and maximum values used for display. Defaults to 0.25.

  • note: (..) – Deprecated in numina 0.10: Use astropy.visualization.ZScaleInterval instead. It will be removed in numina 1.0


Return the minimum and maximum value in the interval based on the values provided.


values (ndarray) – The image values.


vmin, vmax – The mininium and maximum image value in the interval.

Return type: