numina.modeling — Model for fitting

class numina.modeling.enclosed.EnclosedGaussian(amplitude, stddev, **kwargs)

Enclosed Gaussian model

static evaluate(x, amplitude, stddev)

Evaluate the model on some input variables.

class numina.modeling.gaussbox.GaussBox(amplitude=1.0, mean=0.0, stddev=1.0, hpix=0.5, **kwargs)

Model for fitting a 1D Gaussina convolved with a square

static evaluate(x, amplitude, mean, stddev, hpix)

Evaluate the model on some input variables.

numina.modeling.gaussbox.gauss_box_model(x, amplitude=1.0, mean=0.0, stddev=1.0, hpix=0.5)

Integrate a Gaussian profile.

numina.modeling.gaussbox.gauss_box_model_deriv(x, amplitude=1.0, mean=0.0, stddev=1.0, hpix=0.5)

Derivative of the integral of a Gaussian profile.


Return a model of the sum of N Gaussians and a constant background.